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Section 1: Our Ethos

Firhouse Community College was established in 1982 to meet the second-level educational needs of the local community.

As teachers, we commit ourselves to work to fulfil this purpose with dedication and professional expertise.

As set out in the Admissions Policy in our school, Firhouse Community College is a state, co-educational, multi-denominational school underpinned by the core values of:

  • Excellence in Education
  • Care
  • Equality
  • Community
  • Respect

We believe in the principle of education for all. We value the uniqueness of each member of our school community. We are committed to equality in all aspects of school life.

As educators, we are mindful of, and sensitive to, the changing needs of students as they grow towards adulthood. We commit ourselves to care for our students and to provide for their wellbeing. We also commit ourselves to care for our colleagues.

We endeavour to carry out our work to the highest standards. We strive to create a positive, respectful atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and learning and the personal development of every member of the school community. For this reason we expect our students to share and uphold the values of our school.

In working as a team we aim to assist you, the student, to:

  • Discover and realise your own potential
  • Achieve the highest of your abilities
  • Lead a rewarding and fulfilling life
  • Strive for excellence
  • Develop personal discipline in your life
  • Respect and care for your own well-being and the well-being of others
  • Understand and appreciate the values and traditions of our society
  • Become good citizens
  • Understand, respect and actively contribute to the community in which you live.

Our Core Values:

Excellence includes excellence in education, training, and support. It is underpinned by the core values of care, respect, community, and equality. Excellence encompasses outcomes, experiences, and expectations of people involved.

Care is about the welfare, wellbeing, and safety of all who are involved in education and training. It is exemplified in meaningful relationships, connectedness, and empathy, alongside support and solidarity.

Equality is about treating everyone equally and recognising and celebrating the diversity of those involved in education, training, and youth work. It is exemplified in targeting resources on those who have need and prioritising a culture of inclusion.

Community encompasses learners, their families, staff, and the local communities in which our services are based. It is about having shared vision, values and purpose, a sense of belonging, and a voice that is listened to. It is exemplified in productive collaboration, positive contributions, and effective communication amongst all stakeholders.

Respect is about upholding the dignity, rights, and recognition of the identity and background of all those involved in education, training, and youth work. It is exemplified in relationships between all stakeholders, and decision-making that impacts positively on the rights, feelings, and aspirations of the diversity of people.

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Section 2: Our Patron

Firhouse Community College is an ETB school. We are part of the Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board.

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Who owns these schools and what difference does it make?

ETBs are the patrons of ETB Schools. ETBs are statutory authorities with responsibility for Community National Schools, Community Colleges, and a wide range of adult and further education and training centres and services. We have developed an excellent reputation for our provision of inclusive, innovative, high quality education that meets the needs of the entire community.

ETB schools benefit greatly from a broad range of supports and services from the local ETB. ETBs provide governance, educational, administrative, financial, Human Resources and Information Technology (IT) supports to schools. This has a direct impact on the students and families attending these schools, as it allows school leadership to focus on their primary task of leading teaching and learning. This ensures the highest standard of excellence in our schools. ETBs can also provide a valuable service to the parents of students attending ETB schools through their adult education programmes.

What will my child experience in an ETB school?

ETB schools strive to provide all students with equal opportunities to engage with the curriculum and school life. In all aspects of school life, all members of our school communities are treated equitably regardless of their race, gender, religion/belief, age, family status, civil status, membership of the Traveller community, sexual orientation, ability or socio-economic status. Our schools provide a safe physical and social environment that reinforces a sense of belonging to the school community and wider society. They strive to enable every student to realise their full potential regardless of any aspect of their identity or background. Our schools promote a fully inclusive education that recognises the plurality of identities, beliefs and values held by students, parents and staff.

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Introducing our Schools’ Ethos Team

Sarah Barnicoat School Ethos Co-Ordinator
Carmel Boyle Deputy Principal
Lisa O'Kennedy Deputy Principal
Colette Colgan Fennessy Chaplain
Marie Kennedy Wellbeing Co-Ordinator
Louise Daly AEN Co-Ordinator
Michele Crossan Teacher
Janet Lamon Special Needs Assistant
Firhouse Community College
Firhouse, Dublin 24, D24 HY03
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