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In competitive debates, teams compete against each other and are judged the winner by a list of Criteria that is usually based around the concepts of “content, style and strategy”. There are many different styles of competitive debating.

In Firhouse Communtiy College, each year we enter for competitive debating. Our Junior Debaters have entered the UCD History and Law Societies Junior Competition and Our Senior team have entered the Concern debates. We have also been involved in friendly debates with Olbawn Community School. It may be presided over by one or more judges or adjudicators. Both sides seek to win against the other while following the rules. One side is typically in favor of(also known as “for”, “Affirmative”, or “Pro”) or opposed to(also known as “against”, “Negative”, “Con”) a statement, proposition, moot or Resolution. The “for” side must state points that will support the proposition; the “against” side must refute these arguments sufficiently to falsify the other side. Both sides are required to embrace and defend their own positions. Otherwise, it is not a debate but simply a discussion of a controversy where one side solely attempts to convince the other side or the other listeners to its position.

UCD Junior Schools’ Debating Competition

In school our debaters meet on a Tuesday and a Thursday at 13:20 in the school Library, and other arranged times before competitions. The Junior competion involves going to UCD usually a Thursday evening students 17:00 – 21:00, 22:00. Students will be emailed and told of the debates. We will organise a bus no cost is involved for students. With the Senior Team a league of teams is formed by Concern and debates are hosted in the team schools. We welcome student ,Parent and Student support at both away debates and when Firhouse Community College are hosting debates. Again these debates take place after school starting usually at 17:30 and usually take about two hours.

Any students or parents/guardians who wish further information are welcome to contact Ms.Colgan,School Chaplain. Catherine Seery ,SNA and new to our team this year Ms.Crossan and Mr.Brophy.

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