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Music lessons can provide a pathway for learning a host of valuable life skills. There is fascinating brain research showing that musical training physically develops the left brain (which processes language) and supports spatial intelligence (which helps with visualizing information). Music also teaches students the critical life lessons that mistakes are not irreparable, but that hard work and serious attention to concrete elements (such as timing an entrance or carefully tuning an instrument) can result in a successful and enjoyable performance. Music lessons also teach children to conquer their fear and take risks. In learning music, students also learn the values of teamwork and discipline. They must communicate and co-operate in order to successfully weave their individual parts into a seamless musical whole. There are other less tangible, but very real, rewards for students’ hard work and discipline: the development of self-expression and self-esteem in the successful performance of their work.

Firhouse Community College provides a variety of programmes which help students to develop life skills while experiencing the delights of creating and performing music. The SDCC & Music Generation South Dublin Music Lessons Initiative, gives students an opportunity to benefit from the positive influences of music lessons. These lessons provide something for everyone as students can perform in groups or as individuals. Lessons are provided for voice, guitar and piano on a first come, first serve basis. Please see Ms Healy for an application form. All forms must be returned by Wednesday 13th September 2018.

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